Health Minister Invites OSA to Discuss Representation

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The Board of Directors of the Ontario Specialists Association looks forward to working collaboratively with the Ontario government to create solutions that put patients first.

Ontario patients need their doctors to collaborate with the Government, not create roadblocks.  The OSA welcomes Health Minister Christine Elliott’s letter inviting OSA specialists  to meet in the near future to discuss representation issues of importance to OSA members.

The Ontario Specialists Association is a recently formed entity composed of over 3,000 leading medical and surgical specialists in Ontario providing leading edge care to the most acutely ill patients in the health care system. The OSA was formally endorsed by eight (8) major specialties who voted stronglyin favour in a recent referendum to have a dedicated organisation to negotiate with the Ontario government regarding the unique services that OSA specialists provide to meet the important needs of millions of Ontario patients.  The OSA is composed of Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiologists, Diagnostic Radiologists, Eye Physicians and Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, Nephrologists, Neuroradiologists, and Nuclear Medicine physicians.