Objectives & Priorities:

Negotiate directly with Ontario Government as a group independent from all other medical associations to implement a Physician Services Agreement that accurately and fairly represents the unique needs of Ontario’s specialist physicians

  • Advocate for patients and their families to access high quality medical practices throughout the continuum of disease detection, evaluation, treatment, and care 

  • Advocate and act on key physician issues affecting specialists

  • Ensure payment for professional and technical medical services provided by OSA members is fair and reflects the resources and costs associated with providing patient care services

  • Apply a proven evidence-based relativity system to address fees for undervalued services and affected specialties using new funding.  Relativity will only be used to positively impact sections

  • Membership in the OSA is based on the support of 50.1% of the voting members of a medical/surgical section.  A section may withdraw from the OSA on the same basis

  • Premised on a voluntary membership-funded organisation with dues set annually by the OSA Board that represents all specialists. Members will not be subject to the RAND formula

  • Strengthen the medical specialist profession through ongoing equal partnership, communication, cooperation and collaboration

  • Create a governance structure that represents all OSA specialists fairly using a constructive bottom-up approach


External relationships:

  • Engage and collaborate with the provincial government to ensure patients are accessing the best care in a timely fashion

  • Act as a critical component in decision-making and implementation of health care policy and delivery

  • Serve as the expert body to government and other key stakeholders on matters pertaining to the effective delivery of specialty care in Ontario

  • Collaborate with specialist professional organisations to address specialty needs 

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