OSA Announces: Founding Board of Directors and Referendum Date


OSA Founding Board of Directors

The OSA wish to announce the founding Board of Directors representing a broad spectrum of specialties.  More are expected to be added as OSA organisational efforts develop.  Board members include:

  • Dr. Aditya Bharatha - Neuroradiology

  • Dr. Justin Clouthier – Vascular Surgery

  • Dr. David Jacobs - Chair

  • Dr. Baseer Khan – Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario

  • Dr. Iain Murray – Gastroenterology

  • Dr. Michael Murray – Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Mark Prieditis – Radiology

  • Dr. Jim Swan – Cardiology

  • Dr. Jordan Weinstein – Nephrology

We are pleased to be in the company of respected physician leaders representing both academic and community practice specialists. 

Other specialist sections are invited to join the OSA and to participate in the referendum and on the founding board.  As we expand the board to our target number of 15 as cited in the Governance Principles, we would like other interested sections to propose board candidates.  We are expecting a transitional board for a 6-9 month commitment.

OSA Announces Referendum Date – November 25-27, 2018

The first official act of the new Board was to unanimously pass a resolution approving the selection of November 25-27thto hold the OSA referendum. Wording on the referendum question will be released shortly.

Section Tele-Town Halls

Sections have begun to schedule OSA Tele-Town Halls to brief their colleagues on why section leadership is recommending its support for the new specialist organisation. These will be opportunities for individual specialties to discuss the benefits of separate representation and self-determination to better address their negotiation needs.  Contact the OSA to schedule a Town Hall for your specialty.

Specialty Association Meetings
Some specialty associations are organising meetings or have asked OSA representatives to attend previously planned meetings so that their colleagues can be briefed on the OSA and what it will achieve.  If your specialty section is organising or holding a meeting in the near future, please contact the OSA and we will endeavour to ensure a physician leader is available to provide a concise presentation outlining the key issues and benefits.

FAQ Update Coming
Several new issues have been raised as a result of discussions.  An FAQ update will be released shortly.  

Membership Benefits

Among the questions asked, one of the more common questions deals with insurance services that many doctors have with the OMA.  Advice from the insurance experts indicates that your OMA insurance coverage will not be affected to anyone’s knowledge.  Many initiatives are under way to provide a separate insurance program.  Specialists should not make any changes to their current coverage.  More details on this will follow.

OSA Charter and Governance Principles Amended Following Consultation

Both the Charter and the Governance Principles documents have been updated to reflect feedback from OSA members.  See the updated versions in the following links.

Clinic to Assist Specialty Sections to Increase their Organisational Independence

Many specialist sections have indicated they do not have membership contact information about their own specialty, have not incorporated a non-profit corporation for their Specialty and have no means other than asking the OMA to collect their dues or to send out communication e-blasts to their colleagues.  Specialty sections have asked the OSA to hold a workshop to assist in this grassroots organisation.  Advise the OSA if this is of interest.